How to keep your wife happy

How to keep your wife happy

How to keep your wife happy

Balance and moderation are key word within a relationship. Never too much, but never forgive how to give. But there are times when we can spoil our self a bit or spoil our loved ones.

Like an expensive birthday present or renovating the house in a particular way, these kind of gift are well received and usually alright to make once in a while.

How to keep your wife happy

This year for my wife’s birthday I planned to arrange our backyard garden in a rose garden, because she always wanted one. Since we are living in Spain I figured the climate is just perfect to grow flowers.


I went online and started searching for garden roses for sale and I discovered the website Famous Roses.

The online shop is based in Romania but all of their roses are breed in France by famous names like Delbard and Meilland Richardier.

As I started looking on their website for the best roses for our garden, I was drawn by the climbing roses Famous Roses had to offer.

I really like d the Parure D’or and the Billet Doux climbing roses because we have similar walls in our garden and it would be very nice to have roses climbing all over our house.

At the same time I was looking for roses with a very strong fragrance, so I picked up the Pullman Orient Express which has a very intense Bengal yellow and a great aroma. You can also make tea out of the Pullman Orient Express rose.

How to keep your wife happy

How to keep your wife happy

And lastly I picked a Romanian rose breed called Lady in purple because of its color and its shape that resemble a dress.

After finishing my online shopping, I found ordering really easy because Famous Roses has all their prices listen using the euro currency and transportation was free because my order was larger than 139 euros.

I was very pleased with the products and out garden never looked so good.




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