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Although our school has been collaborating for many years with Asian: -Pakistan schools, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, etc., it is the first time this school in Pakistan has proposed a collaboration in a complex project that has inspired the curiosity of our students awakened enthusiasm.
The project perceives all the students and students in our school as well as the pupils and teachers in the partner school, including the school principals. The project is under the aegis of the British Council and that makes it much more valuable and involves much responsibility.
Of the 17 projects included in the “Sustenable development goals”, we have already carried out 3 projects that have been appreciated by our project partners, but also by other schools that post activities from the global ISA project.

The 17 projects for which we have signed a partnership agreement are underway and the three projects that we have already completed are: Our National Day, STEM, Culture activities.

Our pupils are student pupils, are interned in the Balneo-climatic Sanatorium for children for medical recovery and can not perform large-scale or expensive activities, the more they are interned for short periods of the school year, but as long as they are staying involved with great enthusiasm and curiosity. They are happy to collaborate with children from around the world and share each other’s experiences.
Here are some descriptions of our activities, as well as images and videos made for ISA sessions in collaboration with Government Boys Secondary School Jajjah Abbasian, Pakistan.

1. Culture Activities

On January 15, 1850 was born MIHAI EMINESCU, the greatest poet of Romania, considered our “National Poet”.
Every year we celebrate this day in which we carry out many activities dedicated to our great poet.
We organize a drawing contest “Draw poems”, a poetry recitation contest, we project various videos on the lyrics of our national poet.
Most of his creations are about love, nature, cosmos, and so on.
I’m sending you two materials and hopefully you like it and learn more about our rich national culture.

2. Our National Day

2. Our National Day
1 December is the National Day of Romania
Every year our country is celebrated in the localities and institutions of the country, the cultural and artistic activities of our national culture.
In my town, I celebrated the National Day with traditional songs and dances, but also with the deposition of flower wreaths at the tomb of the heroes of the Romanian nation.
At school we organized activities dedicated to the national day, consisting of debates on historical themes, national history contests, patriotic song auditions, drawing competitions, etc.

3. STE(A)M activities

STEM – Analysis of water
We created a project where we studied water from all points of view. We have also set up a field practice and water sampling.
We performed physicochemical analyzes to determine the purity of the water and the degree of pollution. I have run an eTwinning project dedicated to the water I posted on facebook. The project has been attended by many schools around the world. It was a great experience and we shared our experience with each other.

Presentation by teacher  Iuliana Ciubuc – Romania
We thank the principal of the Pakistan school, Mr. HASHMAT ALI KHAN, for involvement in the project, thank all teachers and students from both schools for collaboration.




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